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This is my second time coding a website and I'm excited to be doing it again! I am currently a student at Texas State University and I am hoping this class provides me with useful lessons to further my skills in my major, which is advertising. I have taken FDOM before, so this isn't entirely new to me, but I definetly need the refresher. I am hoping to build my own website to use as my portfolio when applying to jobs after I graduate. This will showcase projects I have already completed and also show that I am capable of creating a website so it would be a double win.

I am not originally from San Marcos. I was born and grew up in Galveston Texas, which is about 3 hours away. The main things I have missed while being off at college are my family, friends, and being near a beach. Growing up in a beach town, I was able to go the beach all the time, and now I don't get the luxury. Once I graduate, I am excited to return home so I can go to and enjoy it whenever I want to again!

I am also a cat mom. I have a 2 year old fluffy black cat named Cowboy and he is the apple of my eye. He has been a great companion while I have been off at college away from my family, and has provided my roomate's cat a best friend. He came from a litter of other black cats but was only one of few that turned out to be fluffy, which makes me love him even more. I'm glad I decided to get him when I did.

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